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Home renovation is really important these days as it helps to enhance the look of your home as well as save your money. You don’t need to construct a new home as it will out of your budget. Home renovation is for everybody who needs changes and enhances the appearance of their houses.

Extraordinary Remodeling for Toronto Homeowners. Renovations beyond your Expectations in GTA.





Do you want to get some idea about your kitchen renovation cost in Toronto? Use our smart  “Kitchen Renovation Cost Calculator” tool to know about all different options that you have for your kitchen renovation!

We at Astaneh Construction offers entire house renovation projects in Toronto. We give the best services according to your home needs and requirements. Moreover, we have the experienced team to renovate your house.

In Addition, We use the highest quality appliances and material to renovate your house and use the latest technology and ideas to enhance the appearance of your home.

 If you are looking to enhance the level of joy and comfort, then we can be a great partner. We give the best home renovation services and enhance the appearance of your property.

Home renovation enhances the appearance of the home. It is the process of upgrading the exterior and interior framework. You can renovate your house according to your needs and requirements.

Astaneh Construction | Home Renovation and Kitchen Renovation in Toronto

Another Successful Kitchen Renovation Project in Toronto

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Why Us?

Renovation is a genuine partnership that embraces your collaboration with our professional expertise and integrity. No matter which way you look at it, your space is unique, requiring customized attention from end-to-end. We take the time to listen to your visions, and we understand how crucial your budget is to the entire project. Our team saves you money by combining industry-best materials with cost-effective methods for the ideal balance of functionality and aesthetics. Home renovation Toronto style covers kitchen renovation, basement renovation, and home renovation. Astaneh Construction does it better than anyone.

Astaneh Construction is here for all your remodelling, and residential renovation needs in the Toronto area. We are ready to complete all the renovation needs that you have in your mind. If you have any questions or you want home renovation in Toronto, you can contact us today!


Our Services

We provide Project Management and cutting-edge Renovation Design & Planning Services to the residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use sectors in GTA. We also cover engineering and infrastructure construction across the board. There’s no remodelling job too small or too big for our well-known Astaneh Construction VIP treatment

Home renovation and remodelling come in various forms. However, it doesn’t matter what type of changes you want in your house because you need an expert home renovation contractor to do the process along.

You need a proper plan; it doesn’t matter whether you are planning for major renovation or minor changes. A renovation Contractor will help you in every step to renovating your home. At Astaneh Construction, we can even assist you with home renovation ideas that will add curb value to your home by making a circular driveway and developing a front entrance.

The most magnetic space in your home, bar none. Astaneh Construction give it the WOW factor you dream of without compromising ventilation, use of appliances, and accommodation for family and friends with minimal disruption of existing layouts.

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You call it - traditional, minimalist, or contemporary - and Astaneh Construction will deliver the craftsmanship to make your home renovation and transformation a viable reality. All the rooms, passageways, and reception areas in your home will emerge with the look and feel that expresses your personality like no other.

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Frequently a forgotten or overlooked space, Astaneh Construction will convert it into an inviting retreat for the whole family, especially in the cold winter months. Our integrative design-expertise will create affordable features beyond your imagination.

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Home renovation Toronto benefits including five-star Spa Luxury can be a short step away from your customized master- and possibly guest-bathrooms. Astaneh Construction’s expertise with modern, natural, and synthetic materials - accentuated by sleek faucets in a selection of metals - will make your dream come true.

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When we’re done with any renovation tasks or full construction, our  professionals in cleaning department start their job to help the project get completed.

Astaneh Construction offers full post and during construction / renovation cleaning, debris removal, floor washing and cleaning.

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Fully Insured And Licensed, We Undertake Home Renovation And Home Improvement Projects.

It doesn’t matter whatever the project; Astaneh Construction will ensure that your house renovation’s outcome will give you a place that you will be happy to confer with your friends and family. This is the reason why you can depend on Astaneh Construction to give the best home renovation services.

Kitchen Renovation TorontoA kitchen renovation is crucial to your lifestyle from all angles, making it one of the genuinely complicated challenges for any professional renovator. Also, it’s the one that traditionally eats through your budget the quickest. As your remodelling partner, Astaneh Construction’s approach a kitchen project with the idea of saving you money through innovative design, methods, and surprisingly affordable modern materials. Our __ of accumulated experience in the installation of kitchens throughout the GTA will ensure a successful remodelling of arguably your residence’s most focal space.

Kitchen renovation needs a lot of strategies and planning as it cannot be executed in one night. Your kitchen must look fabulous and classy. If you need a kitchen of your dreams, then it is best to hire professional kitchen renovation services. There are several high-quality and top companies that provide home renovation Toronto. You can hire kitchen renovation contractors according to your requirements and budget.


If you are looking for an experienced and reputable kitchen renovation contractor for the renovation of your kitchen, then you are at the right place. We at Astaneh Construction here to help you. We have the resources and experienced workers who give advanced and best kitchen renovation services that meet your budgets and needs.

Astaneh Construction - Office Design

Your office is your second home. Let us design and remodel it so that you truly feel at home. Astaneh Construction can go from minimalist to traditional – whatever style suits the feel and image you want to project to your peers and customers. We understand ergonomics like the backs of our hands to create a great workspace that you’ll want to get back to every day. We give a new meaning to Home renovation Toronto style

Do you know,

We are committed to building a better world. How?


By outpacing schedules without cutting corners.


With a one-year guarantee pillared in best-industry standards.


We see every project through to completion and your satisfaction.

  • To stamp all of our projects with the Astaneh Construction signature of excellence, signifying the highest sustainability standards, material quality, and master-craftsmanship.
  • To deliver clients the best value for money in the shortest time possible anywhere in the GTA.








We used Astaneh construction to completely renovate our house. We started with renovating and remodelling our bathrooms and after seeing the quality and professionalism , we renovated the entire house including tiling , stairs , flooring , doors , trims baseboards. Our 30 year old house is now like a brand new house and we really like the quality of the work done. Hamed and Piroose were there at each stage of the work and they always gave priority to our interests. Whenever there was any questions they were there with us to clarify and made us happy. Their professionalism and openness were beyond our expectation and we will use Astaneh construction for all our future renovations
- Andrew Gloud

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