3 Signs It’s Time to Renovate

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Renovations are often expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient. Whether you complete the renovations yourself or hire a professional, the decision-making takes time and the process can be tedious. In addition to those issues, some homeowners like their home the way it is. They simply do not want to change anything. But, there are three clear signs that indicate it is time to renovate your home.

1 Noticeable Wear and Tear

Noticeable wear and tear is the most pressing reason to renovate. If the wallpaper is peeling or the paint is chipped, your walls may need an update. When the bedroom doors creak and drag against the carpet, you either need new doors or to fix the hinges. When a room shows many signs of wear and tear, the entire room may require renovation. Wear and tear is your home’s physical sign that it requires your attention.

2 The Design is Outdated or Outgrown

Homeowners often become attached to their home’s appearance. While it’s nice to update here and there, renovations seem drastic. After selecting the color of every wall, choosing the perfect flooring, and installing anything required, the home was yours. You filled the walls with pictures and placed your belongings in the rooms. When you’ve created a space you love, it can be difficult to tell when the designs become outdated or your family overgrows a space. 

Take wallpaper as an example of an outdated design element. Traditional wallpaper was incredibly popular 25 years ago. Families handpicked the wallpaper for every room in the house. But, over time wallpaper became an outdated wall fitting. This required homeowners to update the walls of their homes, especially if they were considering selling. 

Overgrowing the space is another reason to renovate. A three-bedroom home is perfect for a family of four, but what happens when a third child is on the way. The family may need to move into a larger home, or renovate by adding an additional room.

3 You Have the Time and Money

Your house is your home, comfort zone, and personal space. But, it is also an investment. Over time, homeowners build equity in their homes. Equity can be built more quickly if renovations and updates are completed as homeowners find the time and money. Pay attention to the value of your home, the same way you keep tabs on your stocks and retirement. When you have extra money, the worst thing you can do is leave it in the bank. Instead, the extra cash should be invested. Invest in your home. 

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