Can You Renovate a House for 100K?

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Home renovation Toronto costs depend on different factors. It essentially depends on the extent of renovation work you need to do. Renovation can cover the entire home, or be continued in phases. Approaching it part by part is a familiar approach because homeowners may not want to spend a huge lump sum at one go. 

Dividing the work in instalments helps achieve the target of a full renovation, but on your own terms. Kitchen renovation is a popular choice, and Astaneh construction has significant experience in this field. Working with a reputed service is always recommended. Not only do you have the assurance of quality work, but also punctuality and a fair quote. 

Plan your budget well 

So, can you renovate a full house for 100K? It can be a far stretch, but you can give it a try. Essentially, it depends on planning your budget with an expert service like Astaneh construction. A lot of variables get into planning the perfect home renovation Toronto. It can be a very basic job such as painting the whole house. This does not require elaborate arrangements but gives your house a nice makeover. If this is the scenario, you can easily get it done for much less than 100k. In fact, some homeowners prefer the combined package of painting plus kitchen renovation. 

Set your priorities 

You can also try other home renovation Toronto packages such as painting and basement work. Patio beautification is also a popular option for many homeowners. Among the more complex tasks, are renovation works needed for structural strength and roofing. 

The first one, the structural renovation, must be done on a priority basis if you live in an old home. Carefully inspect the walls to find out if there are cracks running across their length and breadth. Check out if Astaneh construction can arrange a visit from a certified structural engineer. A careful assessment done on time can save your life by preventing the house from collapsing! Sometimes, relatively new homes also show up structural faults such as a misplaced window or weak roofing. These things should be rectified at the earliest. 


Roofing is yet another priority work. You should not have to wait for a weak roof to collapse while you proceed with the long-pending kitchen renovation work. Actually, a kitchen renovation can be done later or simultaneously, but roofing should be a priority. 

Sub-contractor expenditure 

Call up Astaneh construction to see if the service can directly help with it, or get a sub-contractor to do the job. As for sub-contractor work, it must be a credible service and within budget too. If you are not being careful, the costs can shoot up beyond 100k! As long as you are setting your borders, you can manage it within the said budget. 

Which is costlier? Is it the service that does all types of work for home renovation Toronto? Is it the company that hires a sub-contractor to do works like electrical, plumbing, and roofing? Actually, there is no straightforward answer to these questions because it depends on how good the service is. 

That said, sometimes, a sub-contractor can actually help you manage the budget by agreeing to do the work at a lower rate. For example, you can assign the kitchen renovation work to Astaneh construction, and let a sub-contractor look after the outdoor work and patio. As it is, the costs will always depend on how much work is to be done and the way you manage your budget. 

Considering the resale value 

It is better to plan by considering the resale value of your property. This is especially relevant if you are planning to sell your house off late. In that case, even if the price exceeds 100k, you can still offset it by selling your house at a good rate. Proficient contractor services such as Astaneh construction can help make the arrangements and get you a good buyer. 

Of course, it is always up to you whether you want the home renovation Toronto costs to exceed 100k. You can always choose a basic package of painting plus kitchen renovation, and still fetch a good resale value. In fact, a kitchen renovation is a very popular choice among homeowners who want a quick resale. The kitchen is considered the focal point of the home, and renovating it in a newly painted house can be the makeover you are looking for. Investing any more in a house that you are determined to sell may not be a good strategy in itself. 

How to save big on the costs? 

You should always prioritize major structural renovation that can increase the longevity of the house. However, some additional structural changes may be unnecessary for home renovation Toronto. For example, try avoiding changing the layout of the rooms. It is a major work that can easily make the renovation job a pricey affair. Again, if you are bent on changing the layouts, try limiting it to a few rooms instead of a full-fledged change. 


You can also avoid re-wiring the entire house if the electrical circuits are not that bad. Also, plumbing fixtures can be a major price draw. You probably won’t believe that you can actually save in thousands if you use refurbished plumbing fixtures. Nevertheless, you should consult with Astaneh construction. Ask for an honest opinion on how to save costs, and you will surely receive good advice on home renovation Toronto. 

Tips to save costs 

There are other cost-cutting strategies you can use. For example, you can use porcelain tiles for kitchen renovation instead of natural stone and hardwood. In fact, you can get porcelain tiles that mimic the appearance of natural marble and hardwood. Also, you may want to resale your old furniture instead of throwing them away. 

There are several good online platforms for second-hand furniture these days. Again, you can drop the costs of hiring an interior designer. Ask for decor advice from a reputed service. Astaneh construction charges in the range of $100 to $200 per square foot. Kitchen work is usually done in the range of $40,000 to $150,000. 

As for interior decor, you can look for ideas online and in magazines. This can actually save you thousands in the overall cost of home renovation Toronto. With the right planning, and by working it out with a good contractor, you can easily renovate the full house within 100k.