Custom Closet Spaces to Create a Calm Home

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There is nothing more annoying than piles of clothes lying around the bedroom. Is your closet space cramped? A home renovation Toronto provider could help refresh your closet if you answered yes. You can get a dream closet to create it into a whole new space. The best part with the closet space ideas here is getting your clothes organized to start your day out great.

Do a Toy Closet Renovation to Keep Things Tidy

Yes, kids’ toys are always one of those things that keep the blood boiling. Why not have a toy closet installed using a neutral palette for the room. The best part is the neutral shade makes for an exceptional backdrop for colourful toys. Therefore, yes, toy closets can offer a visual appearance, and it is functional to keep the toys organized.

Create a Walk-in-Bliss Closet

Do you have two cramped closets that are unlit? Then have a home renovation Toronto contractor make it into one cohesive unit with lighting. You can increase your overall space, and with the lighting, you can access your items with ease. In addition, the contractors will remove a wall of the two closets to provide the main access point in your room.

Create an Added Shoe Organizer

Yes, when it comes to storing shoes there is always a lack of space in your bedroom closet. Therefore, if you have loads of footwear, you face a massive problem storing them. However, you can have custom-made closet designs with pullout drawers to sport your shoes to solve the problem. Of course, the best part is having it hidden behind a panel door to fit in with the surroundings.

Add More Functional Space with a Custom Closet

Do you live in an apartment with a lack of storage? Add more closets in your child’s room, the master bedroom, and the entryway. The contractors might combine two smaller units to create a single large one. Hence, you end up with more space to keep your items organized.

Have a Full-Length Custom Closet Renovation Done

Another excellent renovation closet idea is to build a full-length closet space to store your clothes with sliding doors. The contractors can make a dresser part of the closet and add your TV behind sliding doors.

Keep Things Luxurious With a Hideaway Custom Closet

You can overall your existing closet by adding a floating wall in front of it with oak doors. The wall separates the wardrobe from the rest of your bedroom to give it a walk-in feel and still have space between your closet and wall to use as a walkway.

Add a Custom Pantry to Your Kitchen

Yes, kitchens always lack packing space. However, one great way to add more space is with a kitchen renovation Toronto contractor. For example, suppose your kitchen is small and has corner space available. In that case, you can have a custom corner closet added to create pantry shelving. With the space, you can keep all your groceries, have a place for added cookware and keep oversized items.

As you can see, there is so much you can do with a home renovation when adding a custom closet to your home. Contact Astaneh Construction today to have your closet renovation done.