How Much Does a Fully Renovated Kitchen Cost?

how much will it cost to renovate a house in toronto

Do you want to renovate your kitchen? Kitchen renovation is the most popular and most satisfying aspect of any home renovation Toronto work. A fresh design of your kitchen can update your entire home. Moreover, it can add more functional value to your kitchen.

But the first question that comes to mind in planning a kitchen remodel or for home renovation Toronto is the cost of this entire process. If you are interested in knowing little or more about this cost, you are in the right place. So, let’s get started!

Your Location Matters

The renovation cost of your kitchen depends on your location as well. It depends upon your living, like if you’re living in a metropolitan area or a non-urban area. Toronto is known as the most developed city, and that’s why home renovation Toronto costs are higher here. However, a right and loyal company like Astaneh Construction always will be on your side to make the charges reasonable for you.

If you hire the expert of Astaneh Construction as your renovation partner, you can consider a budget between $40,000 to $150,000 for your kitchen renovation.

Mid-range Vs. Upscale Renovation

In 2019, the Remodelling magazine stated the national average cost for a kitchen remodelling. As per this magazine, an upscale remodel cost can be $131,510, and for a mid-range renovation, it can be $66,196. According to this magazine, this cost also can jump to a higher price in some specific regions. Hence, it can be $72,513 for mid-range and $143,333 for an upscale remodel. However, if you compare this cost of home renovation Toronto to some areas of the South Atlantic, it can be lower.

In addition to marble countertops or luxury stone, the flooring and high-end faucets, luxury faucets, and others significantly increase the kitchen renovation cost. 

However, your partner from Astaneh Construction will help you to keep the cost of home renovation Toronto in check. It is only possible when you are not going overly luxurious. 

Some Other Important Factors: 

In kitchen renovation, various additional parts need to be considered within the aspects of cost consideration. But you should never think of all of these as drawbacks. 

  • Cost of a new appliance

Selecting New appliances and placing them in your kitchen also can increase your cost by about 15%. For example, If you consider a refrigerator, it can cost at least $500.

On the other hand, if you consider an oven, It comes with a cost like $11,000 or more. Also, you can get the basic steel gas oven at $1,300. Hence, spending more budget helps to get more quality as well.

  • The cost of replacing kitchen countertops and cabinets

Outside of redoing plumbing or moving walls, new cabinetry requires a high cost for kitchen renovation. Based on your kitchen’s size and the number of cabinets you need, you can assume a minimum cost between $6,000 to $20,000.

If it looks like a high cost to you, we have a cheaper option! Painting or refinishing your existing one. In addition, you can replace the doors instead of pulling the structure from your wall.

How can you save costs without compromising quality?

  • Stick to your fixed budget

Many families spend the average cost, like $40,000 to $60,000 on their kitchen remodelling. However, you must be sure about your expenses by aligning your requirements with the budget for your kitchen or home renovation Toronto. Make the list of necessary items and ensure your cost can cover them.

Do you have a plan to change your kitchen flooring or the countertops? Do you need a new sink? Or do you want to replace your entire drainage system and so on? Remember, retaining an old kitchen layout style can keep your cost low. As per the opinion of Astaneh Construction, if your to-do list gets too long, you should sit back and review it again.

  • live at home during work

If you think of living somewhere else during renovation work, it can be a cause of your high expenses. You can save this money by staying in the house of your relative or friend, especially in some cases when you want to meet them after a long time.

After all, it is less expensive than living in a hotel. On the other hand, if you save money at this time, later you can invite them to your renovated home.

  • Be smart with different rejection

Home renovation Toronto needs to deal with various discards as well. Without taking stress, you can take a picture of your old objects like an oven, refrigerator, chimneys, and others. Then you can upload them on social media. Facebook marketplace work as a great option for you in some of these local selling processes.

Hence, you can potentially fix the price of a new cabinet or objects that will be partially paid for by your old one. So, you can save your cost, is not? Moreover, instead of rejecting this old equipment, you can sell them to others. Maybe someone is looking for it! It will provide an advantage to you with no shipping fees, personal pick up, and so on. Hence, Astaneh Construction can guide you properly about this matter. 

  • Count your contingency plan

You should always consider an additional budget, like 10 to 15%, as a contingency plan. Bad weather, labor delays, or even various unavoidable situations such as medical emergencies can push your price.

On the other hand, electrical issues, the rate of extra material, and so on can create trouble during kitchen renovation work or even home renovation Toronto.

Hence, you can deal with various surprises with an excellent contingency plan.

Choose The Right one for Your Kitchen

Make sure that you have sufficient time to plan for the renovation work. Your kitchen renovation work is not a matter of a joke. Hence, you should have appropriate knowledge of the current market. The rate of materials also is another matter of concern for you.

However, you can reduce half of your stress, and you will get a satisfactory service with an expert from Astaneh Construction

Astaneh Construction is specialized in several fields like bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, and others. So, utilize the modern renovation system for your kitchen today!