How Much Will You Need to Spend to Renovate A House in Toronto?

how much will it cost to renovate a house in toronto

A home renovation in Toronto is a major undertaking. Hiring a professional contractor is imperative. Astaneh construction is a reputed service in Toronto. Every homeowner planning a renovation looks forward to the major expenditure involved. Be it a full home renovation Toronto or kitchen renovation, and the cost factor is a major criterion to decide the breadth of the work. 

Sometimes, just the kitchen renovation work can stretch up to millions by itself! Of course, not all households plan to afford deluxe kitchen work. Some of them will settle for a basic upgrade, at par with the rest of the house. 

Hire a real professional service 

No matter the magnitude of the job, Astaneh construction is always available to make it happen for its valued clientele. So, what is the average cost of home renovation Toronto? The actual cost varies from one project to another. Nevertheless, it is still easy to get a fair estimate range. Astaneh construction charges in the range of $100 to $200 per square foot, depending on your unique preferences. Let’s have a look at the various criteria affecting the cost of renovations. 

Things to know about marble flooring 

Flooring is a major aspect of any home renovation work. The costs will depend on the type of flooring you want. Wooden floors have a different price range compared to tiled floors. Also, there are sub-categories such as the type of wood and tiles. Natural stone tiles imbue a royal ambiance. Marble is the most popular natural stone tile. 

So, the cost for kitchen renovation using marble tiles would also depend on the type of marble you use. A competent home renovation Toronto service will tell you that marble comes in three main varieties, and hundreds of unique sub-types. 

Carrara refers to the white marble that you see in ancient Roman architecture. You can identify it by its light to warm hues, and grey veins. The other type, Calacatta, is of a whiter shade, and features dark grey veining. The third main type, Breccia marble, has a range of deeper colours, and often features intricate ornate veins. Astaneh construction can source any type of marble you need from an extensive catalog. Make your decision based on a careful assessment of your budget, balancing it with your aesthetic needs. 


The labor costs include removing and disposing of the existing floor besides installing a new one. Additional costing may include the need to reinforce the subfloor, and any specialized requests such as tiles with decorative motifs on borders. A regular plywood subfloor is not going to resist water damage, and is hence unsuitable for marble tiling in kitchen renovation. The home renovation Toronto service will have to develop a cement-board underlay. Depending on everything, the cost of kitchen renovation by Astaneh construction can be in the range of $40,000 to $1,50,000. 

Things to know about porcelain flooring

The total costs will depend on your preferences. For example, you can choose to install porcelain flooring in your kitchen. You can get porcelain designs that mimic the appearance of natural stone flooring. Also, you can choose to install wood look-alike porcelain tiles. A competent home renovation Toronto service will always recommend using porcelain labeled as ‘full-bodied’ or ‘through.’ These are the best types as the colour or pattern runs right through the body of the porcelain. Therefore, even though they may get chipped during installation, it will be less noticeable. 

You can use porcelain exclusively for a kitchen renovation or for the entire house flooring. Also, you can ask Astaneh construction about other aspects such as chevron patterns, washed cement effects, and porcelain planks. Also, there are indoor and outdoor versions of the same porcelain tiles. Outdoor tiles are thicker, temperature-resistant, and frost-proof. You may need to get Astaneh construction to use both while matching the patio with the indoors. An accurate quote can be provided only after a realistic assessment of your property. 

Basement renovation costs 

Many homeowners inquire about basement renovation. This is an important addition because a renovated basement can serve several purposes. It can be that extra workspace you need to set up your home business. Again, it can serve as an additional bedroom. Some homeowners renovate the basement for recreational purposes, such as making it a game room or a home theatre. A professional home renovation Toronto service can handle everything. From planning your new basement to working on it, the service will see it through. 

As usual, the costs will depend on the type of basement renovation you need. For example, a standard turnkey basement without a bathroom is going to cost approximately $40,000. The cost of bathroom installation in the basement is approximately in the range of $20,000. Of course, it again depends on the type of bathroom you need. Additional costs include the per square foot estimates of ceiling, flooring, and insulation. Also, painting, drywall installation, and electrical fixtures are going to cost you. Discuss your priorities with Astaneh construction to obtain a clear cost estimate. 

Other aspects of renovation work 

A lot of homeowners do not go for a full-house renovation at one go. Instead, they approach it phase by phase to manage the costs. Kitchen renovation is a popular choice. Other options include basement work, patio work, and structural renovation. However, structural renovation should be a priority if your house is showing cracks in places. 

In fact, if you proceed with home renovation Toronto without ensuring that your house has the necessary structural integrity, you might be compromising your safety. See if the contractor service can arrange for an inspection by a structural engineer and proceed to provide a quote for the work required. However, you should always verify the credentials of the structural engineer. Otherwise, fake services may hand you over a big bill for no work done. 

Priorities may include adding or closing a window, reinforcing the basement, strengthening the roof, and so on. Only a reliable service can ensure that the kitchen renovation or the basement work is done effectively with no reason to complain. The client needs to be satisfied with the work done because a lot of money is involved in renovation work.