In What Order Should You Remodel Your Home?

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And you are all set for a full-fledged home and kitchen renovation! Are you feeling little jittery thinking about which part to take up at first? We wish that we could say that you can begin with your favourite space in the house. But we can’t. 

For any home renovation Toronto work, there are a lot of areas to be taken care of. At Astaneh Construction, we have seen people getting confused. They ask if the kitchen renovation should be done first, or the bathroom should be given a new look, to begin with. They even want to know whether we will focus on the out-of-sight places in your house or not. 

Stay assured that our home renovation Toronto experts know the right order in which a remodelling job should be done. Besides, they have the knowledge about the right sequence of the tasks/areas to follow. As a result, they will ensure a successful, timely, and budget-friendly renovation of your house.

All said and done, let us share the order we follow at Astaneh Construction

  • Getting Started with the Home Renovation Toronto Work: Important Factors to Consider:

You have been living in the house for a while now. It may be the case where almost all parts of your house need to be remodelled. But as experienced home and kitchen renovation experts, we have seen that often homeowners do not have the budget for financing the entire work at one go. So, we usually follow the sequence starting from the most important to the least important. 

But how do we decide the sequence? Here are some factors that we consider while planning the right order in any home renovation Toronto work. 

  • Your Convenience: 

At Astaneh Construction, we believe in empathizing with our clients. So, we at first divide the work into sections. This process helps you maintain your livelihood in the house while the renovation work is still going on. Further, we approach one section at a time to ensure faster completion of the project. Also, we try to know in which part of the house you spend most of your time. 

Moreover, make a note that kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms are difficult to give up for a longer period of time. So, consult your home renovation Toronto expert and weigh the inconveniences to get the right sequence or order of the remodelling work. 

  • Boosting the Resale Value: 

We have taken many home renovation Toronto jobs where the homeowners want to augment the resale value of their property. It goes without saying that a remodelled kitchen or a renovated bathroom, or a retouched basement often brings the highest return on investment. Besides, renovating these areas may create actual equity.

  • Do Your Have Regular Guests at Your Home? Is there Any Upcoming Event? 

Every house is different in its vibe and lifestyle. So, if you have regular guests at your home, you will know which areas to be remodelled at first. Naturally, the guests will visit the living room at first. Then, of course, you can flaunt a coffee corner adjacent to your kitchen or quaint reading space to impress them.

  • What is the Ideal Order to Be Followed for Any Home Renovation Toronto Work? 

As home renovation Toronto experts, we try to start with the remodelling of the kitchen or bathroom. A kitchen renovation work takes a lot of time, and it will cover the lion’s share of the total remodelling cost. Besides, a functional and aesthetic kitchen always adds to the property value of a house. In other words, it will be a profitable investment in the long run. 

Similarly, you can upgrade the flooring, wiring systems, and other important features of your bathroom. A prospective home buyer will never be interested in a bathroom that has plumbing leakage or sewage problems. Our experts at Astaneh Construction also opine that bathroom remodelling is less expensive than any kitchen renovation service

Sometimes, we also start with remodelling the living room. However, we only take up the living room improvement at first when there is an upcoming event at your home, and all the other parts of your house are perfect in functionalities and appearance. Further, sometimes, the homeowners only need some aesthetic improvement, and they have living room renovation ideas in their minds. So, we have to start the remodelling work by renovating the living room. 

It does not matter whether we are doing the kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, or living room renovation at first. We follow a particular sequence of work in all remodelling jobs. Read the next section to know the details. 

  • What is the Sequence Followed by Us for Any Home and Kitchen Renovation Work? 

Be it any kitchen renovation or bathroom remodelling work, we follow a “top-to-bottom” approach. To put it simply, we will take up the ceiling works at first, then get started with the walls and work on fixtures, and cosmetic improvements. In the end, we will do the flooring work followed by the installation of appliances, lighting, etc. Let us explain. 

  • Designing the Renovation: 

We at first design the plans and run them past the electricians, plumbers, and other experts at Astaneh Construction. It is important to check the feasibility of the design and know the requirements for special fittings. 

  • Demolition:

We demolish the parts needed and remove all the junk to create a clean workspace for us. At this stage, we can also pull up the flooring and remove all the cabinets in your room. 

  • Rough In: 

At this stage, our Astaneh Construction experts create new wall frames. Also, at this stage, the renovators position the plumbing essentials, electrical items, etc.

  1. Renovating the Walls and Ceiling & Making Places for Doors and Windows: 

We install the plasterboard and new ceiling (if required). Then, we make the architraves, trims, and skirtings. 

  • Cabinets, Bench Sink and Taps (For Kitchen)

At Astaneh Construction, we emphasize the functionality and storage facilities while renovating a kitchen. So, we cut the bench and install the sink, and tap accordingly. At the same time, we install the cabinets but keep them open for the appliance installation to be done later. 

  • Paint and backsplash (For Kitchen)

Next, we paint the ceiling and walls and install the backsplash. 

  • Flooring: 

This is one of the most important steps while renovating any part of the house. At Astaneh Construction, we help our clients to choose and install the right flooring material based on the price, durability, and functionalities of the space selected for the renovation.

  • Installation of Lighting, Appliances, and Cabinet Doors: 

In the end, our experts install the lights and appliances. Besides, they fix the cabinet doors and fix the drawers. 

  • Conclusion: 

It is important to follow a specific plan of action, highlighting the right order of tasks and areas to be renovated. Otherwise, if you keep jumping from one area to another, there will be a massive wastage of time and money. Further, only an expert renovator can help you to get the job done according to your checklist and budget.