Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto – A good time and place (Part 1)

Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto

Why remodelling is a great idea?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives and attitudes in many ways, but the one big takeaway is that our home is indeed our castle. Social distancing and staying away from crowds have tightened family bonds in the heart of our family residences, making it a place of safety and retreat. That brings us to the one home space with the most attraction for eating, of course, but also family chit-chats and get-togethers with friends day or night – our kitchen. Somehow the kitchen has a character like no other – a “room charisma,” if you will.

Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto - A good time and place (Part 1)

It’s little wonder that our kitchens are overwhelmingly the number one preference of homeowners in Metro Toronto for renovation. Aside from uplifting one’s lifestyle with convenience and pleasing aesthetics, it can add substantially to your home value – up to 30%. There are no two ways about it; if you ever decide to sell, the kitchen is the internal feature that’ll close the deal if renovated the right way.

When renovating a kitchen, money matters

So, the projected value of your home after renovation can grow to a multiple of the costs. That’s all very well, but someone still has to pay for it now. Typically, medium to high-end renovations fall into a price range of between $30,000 to $70,000. Still, it calls for disciplined planning and thinking to make your vision a reality: 

Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto - A good time and place (Part 1)

  1. – As exciting and anticipatory as the remodelling can be, remember it’s a “redo,” not a new build from scratch. Some contractors impose their vivid imaginations on clients, convincing them to turn their existing layout upside down. If they do that with you, our advice is to run a mile. It’ll throw a spanner into the budget works by heaping on expensive hookups.
  2. – Choose a budget point and fight like a gladiator to keep it at or under that mark. Disallow your emotions to make mincemeat of your pricing expectations. Connect to a reputable end-to-end kitchen remodeler who can help you think smarter – a partner who, in this transformation, will find ways to help you save.

Budgeting doesn’t mean giving up on style.

The secret to renovating the perfect kitchen is to capture the atmosphere and balance it with functionality. The remodelled kitchen should knock your socks off the first time you enter it. After that, it should amaze you with how easy it is to navigate it.

Styles, of course, differ from one human to the next.

  • Traditionalists love warmth as a go-to theme accentuated with rich woods, darker colours, and a broad selection of natural materials (like stone) applied to the countertops and splashboards.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, modern kitchen enthusiasts (a fast-growing Toronto market segment) opt for the sleek minimalist or industrial look. They can get there with options that include:
  • Laminates, light engineered wood, and raw brick wall facades.
  • Blending with blacks and whites, seamless cabinets, and cool-looking metals such as stainless steel.
  • A feel of utilitarian efficiency.
  • Then there’s something in-between the two extremes described – the transitional or contemporary kitchen.

Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto - A good time and place (Part 1)Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto - A good time and place (Part 1)

Throughout, family circumstances and practicality must remain in the mix but shouldn’t obstruct design innovation and cutting-edge kitchen integrations.

So what can you expect from your remodeler?

Remodelling is a collaborative affair where the remodeler’s creativity meets the customer’s budgetary limitations and dreams. It’s a tricky path, but one that reputable renovators understand and don’t shy away from. One that comes to mind is Astaneh Construction. We spoke to them in their Yonge street office to give us insights into how kitchen renovation should work for mind-blowing results. See below some of the guidelines they gave us.

  • As a start, confident renovators offer a free consultation. Grab it. Even if it doesn’t work out, meeting with professionals can be an invaluable learning experience.
  • Client reviews and past job inspections are generally a window to the remodelers’ cabinetry skills, laying floors, and putting in countertops.
  • Frequently overlooked is the less glamorous side of remodelling like repairs, painting, and patching. They count because there’s much of that, so don’t let it escape your attention.
  • Materials used for similar budgeted renovations are an excellent indicator of what to expect. However, keep it apples to apples – don’t look at traditional completions if your sights are modern.

Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto - A good time and place (Part 1)Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto - A good time and place (Part 1)

Conclusion to Part-1

Our discussion with Astaneh was nothing short of fascinating. There was so much more to cover. For example, they filled us in on:

  • Ventilation (preventing odours and smoke)
  • Double-checking remodelling materials.
  • The question that always comes up – “Do I need a full remodel?”
  • Countertop selections that are stylish but impractical.
  • Double sink or not?
  • The right appliance mix to complement your renovation.

The above and more are coming up in Part-2 of “Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto – A good time and place.” Watch this space.