Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto – A good time and place (Part 2)

Kitchen renovation and remodelling in Toronto – A good time and place


Following on from Part-1, several factors require consideration and focus for an end-to-end project that will keep you smiling every time you enter the room. Our conversation with Astaneh Construction on the approach homeowners should take has been more than enlightening. Their professionalism shone through with guidelines on aspects too often overlooked. Talking specifically, they are:

  • Ventilation (preventing odours and smoke)
  • Double-checking remodeling materials.
  • The question that always comes up – “Do I need a full remodel?”
  • Countertop selections that are stylish but impractical.
  • Going for a double sink or not?
  • The right appliance mix to complement your renovation.

A. Kitchen Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation doesn’t work alone to create discomfort in your new dream kitchen. It aligns closely with foul odours that seem to attack your nostrils when you least expect it. Nothing pops the “kitchen renovation bubble” as decisively as this toxic combination, so soon after the renovators have cleaned up and left. The thing is, speaking to your contractor early on bypasses this unnecessary aggravation. A range hood is the first thing that comes to mind, but depending on the space, you might also want to consider an air purifier. Government ratings are par for the course for the latter option. Your renovation partner can calculate the right one for your square footage and plan for well-located fans as another alternative. The takeaway from this is you can’t ignore airflow when restructuring such an active area of the home. 

B. Renovation material control

Living through a renovation sometimes tests one’s patience because planning schedules and workflow requires some logistical skill. If professional and experienced, your renovation contractor has connections in the materials supply chain that can work substantially to your advantage. On the other hand, everyone has an uncle who knows someone in the building trade, and you think there are tremendous bargains at your fingertips. It doesn’t work that way most of the time. More often than not, you end up committing to cheap materials that not even good artistry can hide.

With trust in your contractors (see Part-1), there’s every reason to involve them in the buying process, no matter who the suppliers are.

  • They understand your vision better than family and friends.
  • The decisions on wood, metals, ceramics, tiles, faucets, appliances, countertops, and cabinetry are critical to your project’s eventual success.
  • Renovators should call the shots on quantities and delivery schedules.

Going it alone on this part of the remodelling journey is venturing where angels fear to tread. How many times have you heard stories of the build-outs quarter way through when the owner discovers the wrong tiles or a mismatched countertop? That’s when the dream melds into a nightmare. It goes beyond the dust and minor chaos we all expect with a renovation. So, check, check, and double-check materials for codes, colours, quality, and prices, at all relevant delivery stages of the process. A responsible remodelling partner will be there for you at these critical moments to reconcile the actuals received versus original order details.

C. The question that always comes up – “Do I need a full remodel?”

As I said in Part-1, an expert remodeler is there to save you money – not go for the big kahuna without any forethought. They are there to give you the best result your budget will allow, and that may mean more of a fix-up than the whole nine yards. For example, cabinetry is one of the oversized expense items. It’s possible that a refacing of existing cabinets may work well in your case, possibly with new trim. It’s amazing what a good paint job can do for the room, perhaps combined with brand new hardware, an exotic backsplash, and a new stainless steel appliance or two. Using your existing kitchen layout, an imaginative contractor can pose some innovative ideas for significantly less money.

It’s worth weighing the options carefully, but notably, there’s a point where the fix-up no longer makes sense, and the full-scale renovation kicks in. That’s why a renovator with integrity is the key to it all., They instinctively know the dividing line, and if they’re on your side, they’ll tell you when you’ve crossed it.

D. Selecting the right countertop

It’s a daunting task; make no mistake about it. The countertop can make or break the kitchen; it’s a huge focal point. The goal is to match the best material with the ideal balance of aesthetics, durability, and affordability. The pros and cons can be overwhelming when you throw in the kitchen style (i.e., traditional, modern, or in-between). A broad material range includes quartz, granite, marble, soapstone, synthetic stones, and more confusion. If ever there was a time to have a professional renovator on your side, this is it. With years of design experience, renovators are worth their weight in gold. They’ve run many selection gauntlets for clients from high-end to marginal budgets. After talking to Astaneh, I could see they had this selection procedure tied down beautifully.

E. Going for a double sink or not?

An interesting fact for Toronto homeowners is that the kitchen is the most renovated room, and the kitchen sink the most replaced item in those renovations. Looks and functionality take center stage when settling on the most suitable sink configuration.

Single is better than double when it comes to:

  • Washing large utensils, pots, and pans
  • Offering a more comprehensive choice range
  • Easier faucet placement
  • Using the counter space optimally in smaller kitchens.
  • Cost of buying and installing

If your room is large and cooking style calls for versatility, a double sink is probably the way to go. For example, you can keep the drying rack in one of the sinks, thus freeing up counter space. Once narrowed down to one or the other, shape, material, and size are important considerations. Call on your contractor’s experience to give you the right perspective from all the vital angles – it’s not a decision to take lightly.

E. The right appliance mix to complement your renovation.

Everyone would opt for stainless steel custom-fit refrigerators, double oven, microwave, and state-of-the-art gas stove – bank account allowing. Unfortunately, appliances are a budget-killer if money is already tight for the renovation. You don’t want to end up with a renovation that doesn’t do justice to your newly-bought appliances or vice versa. Of course, there may be a “gotta go” or two, and that may mean circling back to the question, “Do I need a full remodel?” (see above). A remodelling partner should be skilled in advising on how to build around the devices you have so that you can take your renovation dollars to the limit.


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated Toronto homeowner eagerness to renovate kitchens and other rooms. Astaneh Construction ticks all the boxes when selecting a remodelling partner to help you navigate your project and all its complexities (see above and in Part-1). Contact them for a free consultation. Armed with the right questions will make selecting them a no-brainer in my view – there’s nothing to lose.