Looking at a why home renovation style cannot ignore thinking about a new basement

Looking at a why Home Renovation Toronto style cannot ignore thinking about a new basement

Astaneh Construction understands everything there is to know about a basement renovation, providing invaluable information for this article. As whole house renovation experts, its team qualifies to advise on this specialist space. The design thinking around basement remodelling is not all that far off kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation advice that GTA residents routinely respond to. The basement space is uniquely suited to installing features like:

  • A private state-of-the-art gym
  • An exceptional entertainment space
  • Additional guest rooms en suite
  • Your retreat from the family hubbub
  • Office facilities customized for remote work

That’s the sizzle, but don’t forget it comes with a cost. This financial undertaking deserves serious homeowner consideration, notwithstanding it’s not likely to go as high as an upmarket kitchen renovation price point. Astaneh Construction was emphatic that customers should enter the arena with a fixed budget in mind. Insist on:

  • Industry-best practices
  • Good quality materials
  • Professional renovator guidance

All said and done, don’t break the bank account doing it. The more disciplined you are, the more your expectations will align with the results. It’s a given that everyone trying to squeeze the last drop out of a budget will end up cutting corners. The issue is not to slice off the wrong ones.

What factors build add to the costs in a basement renovation?

Not surprisingly, it’s the same as for a kitchen renovation or a whole house renovation, for that matter. The key influencers are:

  • Material quality
  • Installation complexities
  • Space dimensions
  • The current state of the basement
  • Customized upgrades required
  • Design deviation that goes against the natural layout.

As a wet-thumb-to-the-wind gauge, an average basement renovation calculates between $35 – $85 per square foot. Thus, 1000 square feet can reach an upper limit of $85,000. All too often, emotions interfere with logic, and upgrades can take things into triple digits. That’s why Astaneh Construction drives home the fact that budgets are essential ingredients in a basement renovation project.

Remember that kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation sub-sets can easily fill a basement space, so there’s overlap in numerous directions. For example, bathroom inclusions (i.e., a frequent occurrence) can involve showers, tubs, and half-baths. In other words – how long is a piece of string? It, in turn, embraces electrical configurations, plumbing, cabinets, tiles, possibly marble finishes or modern synthetics. One bathroom can hit your bank account for close to $15,000 or more.

Here are some other crucial things that cost items creeping into the mix:

a. Framing

This is a biggie. It marks the kick-off for any basement remodel, and a massive aspect of home renovation Toronto residents cannot ignore. Wood framing, hardware, and studs are the room’s guts, defining door placement, window locations, and closet areas. Labour and materials can run you from $15 – $55 per linear foot of the wall.

b. Plumbing

Cold and Instant hot water supply to your new basement is inevitable if a bathroom, kitchen, or both are in your thoughts. Your renovator should show these expenses in the estimate based on a “by-fixture basis.” The range here is broad, depending on what the space ends up accommodating (i.e., $1500 – $15,000 all-told).

c. Drywall Installation

Filling in the framing with drywall brings thickness, height, and width into focus. Astaneh Construction generally factors this in at $1.50 per square foot, but this can escalate if soundproofing and mould-resistance features enter the equation. It’s not a budget-breaker, by any stretch of the imagination. Still, awareness of everything assists budget predictability, and that’s a homeowner’s ultimate goal.

d. Ceilings

Ceiling installations provide an attractive finishing touch, without which your basement will look incomplete. Your renovator partner will know of the modern options available, namely:

  • Drop ceilingsusing acrylic panels that realistically imitate the more expensive materials and creatively present attractive designs for only $2 – $9 per square foot.
  • Sheet panelling is in another ballpark, costing out at $12 – $45 per panel.
  • Consider tongue and groove wood as an often-overlooked but beautiful ceiling option at $1 – $5 per square foot.

e. Flooring and Painting

Here’s where you can lose control of the budget strings, but a grounded renovator will save you money – not let you go crazy. After all, it’s in the basement (a place far removed from a main kitchen renovation). The options look like this:

  • Vinyl flooring costs between $1 – $8 per square foot.
  • Carpeting expenses out at around $7 and $15 per square foot.
  • Porcelain or ceramic tiles price at $4 – $25 per square foot and engineered wood floors at $3 to $6 per square foot.
  • Painting can go as high as $7 per square foot, depending on the paint quality, accent wall options, and patterned paint features selected.

Keep in mind when the basement is 1000 square feet or bigger, all these itemized renovation additions pile up. You and your renovator should be monitoring the budget versus actuals as they emerge.

f. Electrical

Lighting is a vital consideration, and a professional electrician at $50 – $100 per hour is front and centre of this renovation activity. That number excludes all the fittings, LEDs, and special lighting effects that are so popular these days.

g. Additional costs to consider

When you least expect it, the following can hit you over the head, throwing the budget into disarray. That’s why it’s worth partnering with a company like Astaneh Construction to assist you from end-to-end. A whole house renovation or a basement renovation, alike, attaches to things like:

  • Building permits ($300 – $1,900)
  • Possible foundation repairs (up to $15,000)
  • Waterproofing (up to $9,000)


Going in for a home renovation Toronto contractors offer cannot progress without expertise offered by entities like Astaneh Construction. Kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, basement renovation – it doesn’t matter. Don’t become a victim of twenty-twenty hindsight that invariably ends badly. Contact them today for a free estimate and get ahead of the game.