Minimalistic Home Trends for 2022

minimalistic home trends toronto

Is one of your resolutions to spruce up your living space in 2022? Then look at these upcoming trends for the year. If you want to stay in line with your new beginnings, a fresh start is going back to basics. Think of neutral colours with understated accessories. Astaneh Construction forecasts simplicity is back and here to stay this year.

Renovate That Spare Room into an Office

Yeah, many of us thought that we would be back at the office at the end of 2021. Yes, Omicron came along, and everything went down the drain. To some extent, it is not a bad thing, as you will be working from home in the coming year.

So why not have a home renovation make-over done to change your spare room into an office. Still, if you are uncertain about doing a complete change, why not do a multifunctional space instead. One of the conjoint things is a kitchen renovation in Toronto by changing it into a home office hybrid.

Colour is Back in Style

Yes, move over white kitchen cabinets, as things are getting bolder. White is not practical, and the era of plain is gone while colour makes a comeback. In addition, the more time you spend at home, the more you realize you want to add a personal touch to your home design. So, if you love black, why not paint the cabinets black or purple. These days you can find some gorgeous shades to use on your kitchen cabinets like creams, greens, brownish-pinks, and more.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Yes, staying home for so long, you need a change, and glass walls are the way to go. With a home renovation Toronto provider, you can add interior and exterior glass walls. The walls will make your living space look spacious while inviting. Having a glass wall creates an open appearance but still separates you from the rest of the family.

Change Your Bathroom into a Haven

Yes, master bathrooms are big on the list for 2022, and the bigger, the better. Personal hygiene is part of our lives and what better way to cleanse than having a master bathroom.  You can create a spa haven to relax and even bring the outdoors to you with the help of a home renovator. Enjoy a walk-in shower with backlit mirrors, a double sink, and touchless faucets with more storage and heated floors.

Go Big With a Large-Scale Renovation

There is no need for you to live in a never-ending construction zone. So why tackle one project at a time year when you can do it all now. Yes, this is the mindset for 2022. You can tap into different loan options to do a complete home renovation in Toronto to take care of larger projects than doing small ones at a time. Hence, tackle your whole wish list at once and get everything done this year. If you are ready to start, get in touch with Astaneh Construction today and make your wish list a reality.