Popular Tips for Surviving your Kitchen Renovation

Popular Tips for Surviving your Kitchen Renovation

Thinking about a kitchen renovation with Astaneh Construction is one thing, but what about when it first begins. Astaneh Construction specializes in home renovations, so your kitchen renovation will happen in a timely manner, but how will you survive. The hardest part of any kitchen renovation is dealing with not having a kitchen. Not having a fully functioning kitchen is inconvenient, but following these popular tips ensures your kitchen renovation is a smooth process.

1- Create a Makeshift Kitchen

Eating out can be fun, but it gets pretty old pretty fast, plus the price of constantly dining out quickly adds up. When doing an entire kitchen renovation, you are already working within a budget; the last thing you want to do is drastically increase those expenses. To help reduce the amount of take-out meals you buy, set aside another area inside your home for meal prepping. For example, turn the breakfast nook into a make-shift kitchen by adding a few extra tables or temporary shelves. Use the grill outside as a replacement for your oven.

2- Plan Meals Around Portable Appliances

Elaborate meals might be on hold while dealing with a kitchen renovation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cook anything. Plan all your meals around the portable appliances you currently have, such as an electric skillet, toaster oven, or microwave. As we mentioned above, you can also use your outdoor grill in place of an oven during the kitchen renovation.

3- Only Keep What You Need

As you won’t be cooking to entertain during your kitchen renovation, you don’t need to keep out all of your fancy appliances. For example, you probably won’t be baking from scratch, so it’s okay to store the stand mixer, but leave the waffle iron out for a quick and easy meal. Go through all of your kitchen items and store away anything that you won’t use. You only want to keep the bare minimum as a make-shift kitchen won’t have a lot of room.

When packing away the things you don’t need, be sure to label them clearly in boxes based on different categories. This is helpful in case you discover you need something during the kitchen renovation that you thought you could manage without. It’s also helpful when it comes time to put everything back.

4- Consider Disposable Dishes

The last thing you will be able to do during your kitchen renovation is to run the dishwasher. Chances are, washing dishes will require some creative thinking as you won’t have a working kitchen sink. Without the sink, take out food is tempting, but a way around that is to use disposable dishes. You can use aluminum pans for cooking. You can also use disposable silverware, plates, and cups to save time on clean up.

5- Stock up on Nonperishables

Cooking a full meal without a kitchen is difficult, but many people often overlook snacks. Most of us are accustomed to going into the kitchen and throwing a quick snack together, such as a bagel and cream cheese, raw veggies and dip, etc. Without a functioning kitchen, even grabbing a quick snack becomes a chore. To make things easier, head to the grocery store and stock up on some nonperishable items. For example,  go out and buy some canned fruit, crackers, trail mix, granola bars, etc. These nonperishable items can be stored anywhere and are easy to grab for a snack. In emergencies, they also serve as a quick meal.

6- Consider Purchasing a Fire Pit

Grills can do anything an oven can, but a fire pit can also work in place of an oven. Gathering around the fire pit during the summer is a favorite activity, so why not put it to use to cook your dinner. Fire pits are a great way to roast hot dogs or sausages along with marshmallows. You can also grill steaks, burgers, and so much more over the open flames, while you can make foil packet dinners directly in the coals. Purchasing a fire pit adds to the décor of your backyard once you are done with your kitchen renovation.

7- Plan Your Kitchen Renovation Carefully

If you are planning a vacation, or have a business trip lined up, consider scheduling your kitchen renovation for when you will be out of town. This suggestion only works if you are comfortable enough with your contractor doing the work without you present. You can also talk to a trusted neighbor or family member to see if they can check in on the kitchen renovation as needed.

8- Be Realistic in Your Expectations

A kitchen renovation is going to be messy even with the best contractor. The best contractors will clean up after themselves each day, but it can be exhausting trying to keep the entire house clean. Be realistic in how clean you can keep the rest of the house; don’t expect your house to be 100% organized and clean during the kitchen renovation.

To help contain the mess in the kitchen area, you can and should section off your house’s other parts. Use plastic or cloth sheets and tape to seal off doorways. Invest in dusting mitts to help do a quick wipe down of the flat surfaces in your home. Create a schedule for how often you plan to clean the rest of your home; pick three days a week to do general cleaning and then a thorough cleaning once a week.

Whether it’s a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation you are considering, any home renovation requires a highly skilled home renovation specialist. Astaneh Construction specializes in high-end home renovation Toronto area. Planning and renovating any part of your home is done in house with our trusted team of designers. Our designers work with you, ensuring your bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation is done with your style in mind.