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Basement Renovation Contractors in Toronto

A basement renovation will increase the living area of most homes by one-third or more, allow you to use energy more efficiently, open up new vistas for entertaining family and friends and increase the value of your home, often by a substantial degree. At Top Mark Property Improvements we help our clients get the most from their homes in a variety of ways, and that includes bringing the oft-neglected basement into the domestic fold.
Basement Renovation Toronto - Astaneh Construction
Your Basement Can Be So Much More. We Can Help

Basement renovation can add considerable value to your home, and best of all, turn an unused space into a beautiful area for your family to enjoy. Our basement renovation in Toronto, will listen to what you want and then deliver with the highest quality craftsmanship.

We specialize in quality and luxury finished basements that adds value to your home. An unfinished or unused basement is an ideal opportunity to convert vacant space into a welcoming area for your family and friends to enjoy. We can add separate entrance, bedroom, bathroom, entertainment, home theater, fireplace, family room, game room, playroom, home gym, dance floor, home office, storage room, kitchen, bar, laundry.

It’s perfectly normal for your basement to be a little more humid than the rest of your home – especially if it isn’t heated or air-conditioned at the same temperatures as other rooms. Though, before moving forward with any basement renovation plans, it’s important to be sure that it isn’t excessively humid and that water has not infiltrated into the basement through potential foundation cracks. Noticing that your basement is home to excessive basement humidity once renovations are completed is just devastating. So, be sure to check the humidity levels before starting your project.

Basement Renovation Toronto
Astaneh Construction's Promise of Transparency

Our contractors soothe away client stress by offering absolute transparency. You shouldn’t feel you have to waste money or stretch your budget to suit unexpected costs and poorly drafted quotes. Our proprietary online software keeps you in the loop at every stage of your basement renovation so that you can adapt your project to your time needs and budget. Astaneh Contraction will let you adapt materials so that you spend more on the facets you value most and save on needless expenses. It’s your home, so basement renovation should be done your way.

By carefully planning your basement’s layout, you can certainly add resale value to your house. For instance, simply adding an extra bathroom to your home can already make quite a difference. Not only is it useful, but your home’s resale value can go up equivalent to the bathroom’s cost – allowing you to recoup what you spent.

What you can expect in basement renovation?
Top-notch design

The basement we build out for you won’t be four walls, a dehumidifier and a pool table sitting at an odd angle on an uneven floor

A trouble-free process

We handle every aspect of the basement renovation from design to clean up. Our craftsmen arrive at your home on Day 1 ready to get to work

Competitive pricing

We strive to eliminate waste from all of basement renovation projects in order to provide you with the most competitive price possible

Professional behavior

The highly-trained, experienced professionals understand they are there to provide a service and treat every part of your home and property as well as all your family members and any guests with the utmost respect

Basement Renovations: New Ideas for Old Problems

Almost 95 percent of Canadian homes have basements, which are typically used for recreational rooms, home theater rooms or perhaps turned into separate apartments and rented out for extra income. In a typical single-family home in Canada, this part of the house will take up approximately 25 to 35 percent of lower-level floor space. Therefore basement renovation Toronto is a very important process and can be problematic if done by not professional or inexperienced company.

No matter what kind of renovations you plan on getting done in your home, you should always verify every contractor you speak to and ask them many questions. This will allow you to ensure that the basement renovation contractors providing you with quotes are in good standing financially, legally, etc. Getting an incredibly low-priced quote that seems to good to be true usually has hidden costs that’ll be added on later on, poorly done work, or even untrustworthy contractors.