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Whole House Renovation Services in Toronto

Whatever the extent of your whole house renovation, Astaneh Construction can provide all the services required to transform your home into a new home with finishes and upgrades that meet your needs.
Whole House Renovation
WHOLE HOUSE Renovate - You should know

You can fully renovate the house you live in to avoid having to move – or you can purchase a new home and remodel that space before moving in. Whole house  renovations tend to involve the overhaul of the entire home, inside and out, though the scope varies from project to project. Some full home remodels start with the demolition of the entire interior space to create – for instance – an open concept floor plan, while others address certain areas in a more precise manner.

This whole house renovations usually takes two stages. The first project involved the basement and second-floor main bathroom while the second stage embarked on completely renovating the first floor of the home. The latter included the kitchen and back entry. As with most whole house renovations in Toronto, this renovation involved major structural work to the home including interior waterproofing and removing structural bearing walls. Most of the homes heating, plumbing, and electrical required updating to meet the new requirements of the renovations as well.

Performing the whole house renovation all at once, instead of piecing it all together slowly, can also prove beneficial. Your contractors will ensure you can create a cohesive design from the start – and use the floor-plan to guide your entire project. With this approach, you can create a custom home design that works for your household better than any other on the market ever could. And you will save time and money on labor by doing it all at once. 

Whole House Renovation Toronto
Whole House Renovation Toronto - Bedroom
Whole House Renovation Toronto
Condo Renovation In Downtown Toronto

I doesn’t matter that you own condo or house. Astaneh Construction has specific plan for all type of your properties. Renovating condos can be sort of “Whole House Renovation”.

Beautiful condo, with magnificent views of the city, required some updates to the original kitchen and two bathrooms. There were space & storage issues mainly, and much of the upper cabinets were open and not very functional. The kitchen island also needed to be transformed into a functional area with proper storage as well.

Our clients really wanted to transform this space into a beautiful modern kitchen with clean lines and warm wood accents, while including a number of automated features. This was achieved with some kind if refrigeration and wine cooling, along with enhanced cooking features. They include an induction stove with steam features, and a built in speed oven.

What Factors Influence Whole House Renovation Cost?

Renovating a 100-year-old house may unearth unwelcome surprises

Fixtures/finish quality

A basic bathtub from unknown seller, can cost less than a luxury tub

Labor quality

Always hire a reputable contractor with insurance and credentials


It’s usually bigger bucks to bust down walls, re-arrange plumbing or electrical systems, or add an extension

WHOLE HOUSE Renovations take a long time

On TV, renovations go from conception to perfection in a few short weeks. But there are things the camera doesn’t show.

Before you get started on your own renovations, draw up a timeline with the contractor so you’ll know what to expect. This will give you a baseline for discussion if things take longer than expected. If you need permits, be sure to build in extra time to get them from city hall.

Whether you do all the work at once, or one area at a time, full house renovation projects tend to follow the same key steps. The first phase tends to center around planning the scope of the project. You must determine where to focus your efforts and who will take on the project. This phase includes working with our Renovation Advisors to acquire help from qualified architect, technologists and/or structural engineers, followed by obtaining bids from our 360° Verified Contractors. You can expect planning to go on for up to a year before your contractors can start the next steps.