Top Four Mistakes to Avoid in Kitchen Renovation

10 Tips of Kitchen Renovation You Must Know

Top Four Mistakes to Avoid in Kitchen Renovation

Working on a kitchen renovation project can be tricky. Unless you plan really well, there’s always the risk of flaws affecting the design. You need to focus on a lot of aspects to get the perfect kitchen space. As it is with any type of work for home renovation Toronto, mistakes in the planning stage can turn out to be costly and time-taking to rectify.

Hire a good contractor

A design flaw sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise well-decorated place. It can even affect the normal functionality of the space. For instance, it is actually quite commonplace to miscalculate the swing space necessary for cabinet or refrigerator doors. On the same strain, even a luxury kitchen may end up having a standard faucet looking garishly out of context. It is also not uncommon to order a big refrigerator only to find out that it does not fit in your kitchen door!

We know kitchens are prime spaces for luxury renovation. This makes it even more relevant to hire an experienced planner like Astaneh construction. A luxurious kitchen should be aesthetically flawless besides being an energizing space. However, there is always a budget to consider.

The costs of luxury renovation works can unpredictably skyrocket if you do not do your research well. It can dent even the most audacious budget, likely leading you to compromise. This often comes across as frustrating for homeowners. It is natural to feel that your personal vision of the ideal kitchen fell short! You might have been planning and saving for a luxury home renovation for quite some time, and may find it hard to accept that it is not enough!

At Astaneh construction, we understand you. We take pride in our exceptional ability to plan ahead. With us in charge, you can be sure to avoid these common mistakes in kitchen renovation. Needless to say, the first mistake to avoid is hiring an unreliable service for home renovation Toronto. A good contractor will take care of everything, including the acquisition of the building permit for the city of Toronto. The current residential unit fee in Toronto is $52.08/ unit.

Not prioritizing the resale value

You may not have any immediate plans for a resale, but you never know! Financial conditions can change very fast, and so does plans. It is always practical to set a budget cap in view of the possible resale value while considering home renovation Toronto.

You will also need to consider the changes in median home prices to set a proper budget. In the span of one year, median home prices increased approximately by 20% in Toronto area. 5 bedroom units registered the maximum uptick of 50%, while the cost of 2 bedroom units rose by 8%.

However, if you are investing in any luxury renovation work in the kitchen, it is imperative that the rest of the property should also be at par. Astaneh construction will provide you with a full estimate for renovation work following a detailed understanding of your requirements. This will help you set the best budget cap on home renovation Toronto so that you can have a profitable resale later on.

Full home renovation costs with us range from $100 per sq ft to $200 per sq ft. Kitchen renovation projects typically start from $40,000, and can extend to up to $150,000 or more depending upon the unique nature of the project.

Going for a generic design

The usual practice for homeowners is to look for inspiration online or in home improvement magazines. You set up an inspiration mood board and finally decide on the ideal look of your kitchen. Everybody does this, but you should be careful about the pitfalls of this practice. The thing is, the décor you have on mind is still someone else’s kitchen.

You may be missing out on the requirement for your personal preferences. Of course, at Astaneh construction, we know that it is a tentative aspect, and you have probably found an inspiration that fits your personal style. Even then, it always makes sense to look deeper and find out what the kitchen means for you, your home. This is something very important whether you are looking for a normal or a luxury renovation.

For example, you may want a kitchen where two people can cook together. Or, you may want your kitchen island to double up as a space for your kids to do their homework. In that case, did you consider sufficient lighting above the island? Often, guests also want to hang out in the kitchen when you are preparing dinner. Is there sufficient seating space to accommodate a few people? Also, sort your cabinets according to your unique needs. Decide whether you need a separate pantry room. You should always make sure to have enough storage space in your kitchen.

The bottom line is, always feel free to make your personal adjustments to the design idea that you have finalized. Ultimately, this is going to be an important factor because a kitchen is somewhere where we spend a lot of quality time.

Making impulsive decisions

Impulsive buying is a common mistake homeowners get into. When it comes to home renovation Toronto, unplanned decisions can make a big hole in your pocket. You should not decide on a major design element unless you have tested it in your home lighting conditions. Talk with the experts from Astaneh construction to decide what is best for your kitchen.

The per square foot cost of countertops may vary from $30 to $150, depending on the choice of material. You will probably not want a laminate countertop for luxury renovation. Quartz and natural stone countertops are among the most expensive ones. The average cost of installation in Canada is $2,800 for a typical 28 square foot countertop. We can provide you with an exact estimate only after discussing your unique requirements.

Impulsive choices can be a source of regret later on because one must always plan renovation work before it is put in place. Otherwise, it is going to take a lot more trying to redo what has been done. The experts at Astaneh construction will ensure that this does not happen. We are extremely particular and transparent about all aspects of home renovation Toronto. We will provide you with an accurate initial estimate and will try our best to stick to it.

Wrapping up

These mistakes in kitchen renovation are easily avoidable. You only need to be aware of them in the planning stage. Always try to be inclusive in your planning, and base it on details. You need to consider everything. This includes the colour scheme, the backsplash, tiles, cabinets, appliances, and countertops. You will also have to figure out the right lighting and seating arrangements in the kitchen. Allow yourself sufficient time to plan and discuss everything with us. Our only priority is to deliver the perfect home renovation experience!