Top Ideas for Home Renovations Toronto

Top Ideas for Home Renovations Toronto

Are you thinking about changing up your home’s look? Is it time for something new? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s time to consider a home renovation with Astaneh Construction. Home renovation Toronto area is a great way to bring new life into an older home without incurring the cost of moving. By renovating your existing home, you can keep the areas you like and update those that no longer bring you joy. From whole kitchen renovations to a spacious bathroom renovation, Astaneh Construction can handle all your home renovation needs.

1- Transform that Old Kitchen Island

While the kitchen island seemed like a great idea at the time, chances are it has become outdated and neglected. If nobody in your home is using your old, obsolete kitchen island for anything besides stacks of mail or setting down groceries, it is time to consider updating it. While it is possible to just transform the outdated island into something like a sit-down breakfast bar, it’s also an excellent time to consider an entire kitchen renovation—update countertops and cabinets along with the kitchen island to create an area that draws people in.

2- Ditch Closed Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best kitchen renovation ideas we recommend here at Astaneh Construction is getting rid of the closed kitchen cabinets. Most people think that the best look for a kitchen is closed cabinets that hang directly above your workspace. Sure they keep everything within arm’s reach and are ideal for hiding messes or more unattractive items. Still, they also cast a lot of shadows on your countertops requiring you to have excellent lighting to even see what you are doing during meal prep.

Switching from closed cabinets to open shelves eliminates the shadows cast by the cabinets and makes the room appear more open and airy. When making the switch, take time to declutter, get rid of unused or unwanted items, and think ahead about storage for other items that might lose their home.

3- Redesign your Powder Room

Whether you call it a powder room or a bathroom nook, it requires a bathroom renovation after so long. A bathroom renovation is not just painting the walls a different color. For a true bathroom renovation, you are painting, as well as updating vanities, sinks, and mirrors. There is limited floor space in most powder rooms or bathroom nooks that lays out where the vanity must go. You can rip out and replace the vanity with a new one or paint the old vanity and update the hardware. Another option is to change the sink and countertop with a more contemporary style and update the mirror.

4- Create a Spacious Bathroom

You can never go wrong with a full bathroom renovation. Bathroom designs were often cramped; bathtubs were often shoved in the corner, and showers were installed inside the tub, similar to what you see in hotel rooms. A bathroom renovation with Astaneh Construction allows you to design the bathroom of your dreams. We know what walls we can remove to help open up that cramped space. Opening up space allows for the addition of a spacious tub and perhaps a separate shower.

5- Dining Room Makeover

Sometimes dining rooms seem to be the most random room created, so they either get used for storage or just sit empty with furniture gathering dust. As part of your home renovation Toronto area plan, see how Astaneh Construction can remake the dining room into a more cohesive space. Our design team will help you pick colors, lighting, and flooring to tie the room into the rest of the house.

6- Transform your Old Fireplace

Older homes often have an older brick fireplace mantle; how big an area the brick covers depend on how the home was initially designed. One option is to tear everything out and replace it with a new area. You can build a new wall and add a fireplace insert, or you can eliminate the fireplace. If you like the brick look but don’t care for the color, you can simply paint over the brick with your preferred color.

7- Add Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Space

Entertaining inside the home is great during the winter, but come the warmer months of summer, and most of us would rather be outside than cooped up inside. Our design team can help you transform your old patio into an outdoor kitchen complete with a fully functioning sink and gas grill. With an outdoor kitchen and dining space, some feel building off your main kitchen is ideal, but it’s not the only choice. The beauty of adding an outdoor kitchen and dining space means you no longer have to run in and out to prepare your meals. Outdoor kitchens can be as simple as an island or a custom-designed one that suits your specific needs.

8- Renovate Your Basement

After spending years in the same house, basements are often forgotten areas of space or turn into the ideal storage place for items you no longer use. A full basement renovation will turn that forgotten space into the most sought after area in the house. Turn the unused family room into a theatre or game room, create a reading nook, add a guest bathroom and bedroom, or create a full mother-in-law apartment.

Whether it’s just one room or the entire house, a home renovation requires a highly skilled home renovation specialist. Astaneh Construction specializes in high-end home renovations Toronto area. With our team of designers, planning and renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your house is done in house. Our designers work with you, ensuring your home renovation is done with your style in mind.