Top Tips for Home Renovation in Toronto

Top Tips for Home Renovation in Toronto

Top Tips for Home Renovation in Toronto

The process of home renovation can be quite stressful and may require professional assistance. If you hire a knowledgeable, professional, yet licensed builder, building your dream home will become easy. Choosing to hire these professionals may seem a bit expensive at first, but in the long run, professionals protect you from making costly mistakes. In fact, most whole home renovation projects cost between $100 and $200 per square foot. As a result, if you’re remodelling a small room of 2,000 square feet, your renovation cost would be approximately $200,000 to $400,000.

Top Tips for Home Renovation in Toronto to Add Value to Your Home

You can find qualified luxury home builders in Toronto who can help you through each step of the luxury renovation project, including design, planning, and construction process, which basically begins at the ground level and then grows from there. Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction can handle any home renovation project by paying proper building permit fees. Please note that the Residential Unit fee for each new residential unit has been revised to $52.08/unit from 1st January 2021. Here are few handy tips from Astaneh Construction that will help keep your project within budget while getting the most out of it.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovation can indeed add significant value to your home, but it should be undertaken carefully.  Therefore, you should be cautious when planning a kitchen renovation. According to the Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction, this is going to be the most expensive part of the renovation process, with prices hovering around $45,000 to $150,000 on average. It is possible to install countertops made from high-quality materials, to install advanced appliances, to install functional and beautiful cabinets, and more. However, you need to balance the price of your materials with their overall value. As part of your kitchen renovation, make sure you have all the equipment you need for an efficient and contemporary space. Also, keep an eye on the latest trends and look to incorporate them into your plans. You can get some ideas from our smart kitchen renovation calculator!

Update or Add Bathrooms

According to the Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction, there is a misconception among homeowners that bathrooms are not an essential part of a home. If you plan to sell your property and it has outdated bathrooms, or there are not enough bathrooms, it may be hard to attract potential purchasers. If there is enough space in your home, you can update fixtures and amenities and add a bathroom as part of your custom luxury renovation. As part of your home renovation, make sure it matches the rest of your home and is equipped with all the modern amenities to contribute to its value. A master bathroom can cost anywhere between $20,000 to $55,000.

Finish Your Basement

You may not have enough space for the addition of a room to your home, but you can upgrade your basement to enjoy all the benefits of constructing an extra room. It’s often surprising for many homeowners how much value a revamped basement can add to a home. There are numerous ways to transform it into a media room, home office, gym with high-tech equipment, or a playroom for your children. In addition, it can also serve as a guest bedroom with a separate bathroom. To ensure a successful basement renovation, however, follow a minimalist approach and keep it clutter-free so that the room does not look dark or cluttered. You can attain the desired results by working with professional basement remodelling contractors like Astaneh Construction. A 1,000 square foot basement will cost in the range of $7,500 to $23,500, or $15,000 on average. Along with that, you’ll have to pay an interior designer around $6,500 and furniture around $2,650.

Lighting and Space

A cramped home often decreases the value of a property. Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction suggest if you wish to increase the appeal of your home, consider opening it up and letting in more natural light. Having an open floor plan will let you feel more spacious in your home and allow for more entertaining space. It is a popular luxury renovation trend. Lighting can also be altered by strategically placing lamps throughout the room. Although an ambient light setting is best, consider pathway lighting, low light settings, and other unique styles to improve the atmosphere.


Re-painting the interiors of a property can improve its value by making it look warmer, more welcoming, and more appealing. This is why Home renovation Toronto experts from Astaneh Construction recommend painting interior spaces. You do not have to stick to strict rules when choosing the colours for your home. You can go with vibrant shades, subtle tones or neutral colours, classic whites, or any other colour that suits your style and preference. If you want to add some modernity to your home, you can also incorporate the latest colour trend. For example, the Pantone Color for 2020 is Classic Blue, and you can use that as paint colour of the room or as paint colour of the furniture to modernize any room in your home.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Renovation

The simple act of home renovation, even a small one, can reap massive rewards down the road. Making minor remodelling improvements to your current home will not only make your home to dream home that you’ve always wanted but will also increase the value of your property, which will leave you with more cash when you decide to sell.  When you have gathered all of the vital information you need for the luxury renovation of your home, weigh the pros and cons of your decision.


  • It is possible to customize a remodel to meet your needs. If you dream of a blue kitchen and spa-like bathroom in your home or kitchen renovation project, both can be customized to meet your requirements.
  • The good news is that remodelling lets you stay where you are. If you really like the local schools, your neighbourhood, or the area in general, you won’t need to move.
  • Moving and selling your home could cost you thousands of dollars, so you may opt to invest in your custom renovation instead.


  • You will likely find some unexpected expenses when you undertake a large-scale remodelling project like a luxury renovation that involves tearing out walls, moving plumbing, etc. Remodeling costs tend to exceed expectations, especially in any luxury renovation.
  • Home renovation Toronto can be a painful task. Home improvement makes you anxious when you’re dealing with budgets, contracts, contractors, selections of products, and potential delays. As a result, depending on how intrusive the remodelling is, you may even have to stay with family in a hotel while the hardest part of the renovation is underway.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning a home renovation Toronto project, there are countless options available to improve your property. Regardless of its age, you can add value to your home and enhance its appearance by applying these home or kitchen renovation tips from Astaneh Construction. They are a fully licensed and insured company that can handle any home renovation Toronto project. You will be pleased to know that the company won the Consumer Choice Award for 2021. Please feel free to contact Astaneh Construction if you have any questions about home and kitchen remodelling.