The Best Home Renovation Services In Toronto

We provide Project Management and cutting-edge Renovation Design & Planning Services to the residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use sectors in GTA. We also cover engineering and infrastructure construction across the board. There’s no remodeling job too small or too big for our well-known Astaneh Construction VIP treatment

The most magnetic space in your home, bar none. Astaneh Construction give it the WOW factor you dream of without compromising ventilation, use of appliances, and accommodation for family and friends with minimal disruption of existing layouts.


Frequently a forgotten or overlooked space, Astaneh Construction will convert it into an inviting retreat for the whole family, especially in the cold winter months. Our integrative design-expertise will create affordable features beyond your imagination.


You call it - traditional, minimalist, or contemporary - and Astaneh Construction will deliver the craftsmanship to make your whole home renovation and transformation a viable reality. All the rooms, passageways, and reception areas in your home will emerge with the look and feel that expresses your personality like no other.


Home renovation Toronto benefits including five-star Spa Luxury can be a short step away from your customized master- and possibly guest-bathrooms. Astaneh Construction’s expertise with modern, natural, and synthetic materials - accentuated by sleek faucets in a selection of metals - will make your dream come true.


When we’re done with any renovation tasks or full construction, our professionals in the cleaning department start their job to help the project get completed. Astaneh Construction offers full post and during construction / renovation cleaning, debris removal, floor washing and cleaning.

Leave all that dust to us!  

We provide Project Management and cutting-edge Renovation Design & Planning Services to the residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use sectors in the GTA. We also cover engineering and infrastructure construction across the board. There’s no remodeling job too small or too big for our well-known Astaneh VIP treatment.

Home Renovations

Toronto residents can trust us from end to end. Putting your whole-house renovation in the hands of a remodeler is a big step in anyone’s language. On the plus side, it promises to change your lifestyle from casual entertainment, hosting get-togethers with friends and family, and accessing new comforts previously only a dream. However, the other side of the coin spells risk and the horror stories many complain about after embarking on reconstruction projects. Forget the latter from the moment you engage Astenah Construction to advise, manage, and implement your home renovation. Hamed Astenah – the founder and CEO of the company – ushers in a hassle-free homeowner experience. Once the job is finished, every benefit you expect will please both your senses and your pocket.

Astenah Construction fits all the pieces together seamlessly.

A whole-house renovation inevitably involves:

Have you ever watched a champion tennis player like Novak Jochevitch or Serena Williams in action? Their forehands, backhands, serves, and volleys merge into a fluid movement that’s nothing short of poetry in motion. Try it yourself or watch amateurs, and the action difference – often jerky, hesitant, uncoordinated – is startling. The pros make it look so easy. This analogy applies precisely to Hamed and his team, professionals at the top of their game. Everything they do will amaze you as all the essential subprojects flow smoothly. 

Attending to every touchpoint is the Astenah Construction secret!

When you think of it, a home renovation in Toronto clients can appreciate that it consists of possibly hundreds of touchpoints – in combination culminating in a total home remodelling experience. Unfortunately, one or two defective touchpoints are enough to quickly derail the renovation journey with “domino-effect disruption.” Speak to Hamed about these things. He’ll tell you that he monitors every minute detail, from ordering materials, delivery, storage, and inventory control to ensuring the highest craftsmanship standards possible. In other words, he takes the worry and stress off your shoulders from day one until you open the front door to enter a completed home renovation beyond your imagination.

How does Astenah Construction do it?

The expert, Astenah Construction team, follows a repeatable formula that’s never let them or their clients down. It involves a process whereby we:

  1. Map everything out before wading into breaking things down.
  2. Develop a coordinated plan that merges all the section renovations on a tight schedule. 
  3. Stay within an agreed budget.
  4. Source quality materials from proven, reputable suppliers.
  5. Establish quality controls that are second to none.
  6. Communicate with the client regularly in the spirit of full transparency.

Trust Astaneh Construction to give you the best value for every home renovation dollar you spend. 

Rely on our reputation to apply modern technologies without compromising talents and skills to get the program under control.

Throughout the GTA, homeowners can rest assured that items like waterproofing, structure-bearing metrics, and other vital considerations are routinely on the reconstruction checklist. It matters not if your home renovation Toronto style is a small condo or a massive mansion. Make Astenah construction your first stop – one you’ll never regret.  


Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen renovation that stands out from all the rest. A kitchen renovation is one of the first and most critical considerations of all the rooms in a home. Why? Because so much happens there every day, from cooking, chatting, casual entertainment, getting the kids off to school, quick snacks, and more. The kitchen is a social magnet and simultaneously signifies the style and luxury one expects to see throughout the home. Moreover, when selling or buying a home, the kitchen is likely the one room that makes or breaks the deal. So, approach remodeling your kitchen with conviction, and don’t cut corners on the contractor you decide to use for the project for many fundamental reasons. 

Astaneh Construction is #1 for kitchen renovations or starting from scratch

Astaneh Construction is the entity connected to home renovations in Toronto that residents see as a go-to resource when a kitchen remodel comes around. That’s because Hamed Astaneh, the CEO and founder of the company with his name, lives for renovating kitchens. It taught him all the crucial aspects, embracing cabinets, sophisticated materials, stainless steel hoods, international appliance brands – you name it. So, if you’re facing a kitchen remodel project and find yourself confused with all the options, there’s nobody better qualified than the Astenah construction team to guide you through it. They offer one of the best kitchen renovation solutions in Toronto. 

Hamed’s approach to kitchen renovation is straightforward.

First, he takes the confusion out of the discussion. It starts with the space you’re renovating and what’s there right now. Then, his view is to use the given structure as much as possible to make the project as budget-centric as possible. As a result, big, small, or in-between-sized kitchens can emerge with the same eye-popping contemporary look reflecting clean, merging lines. In addition, Hamed’s team understands how to convert a drab room into something sleek and modern using lighting, complementary flooring, and countertops. 

Significant advantages of partnering with Astaneh Construction 

In a sentence, it’s their inside track to kitchen suppliers in Toronto and the GTA. It boils down to sourcing the right materials, equipment, and delivery to suit your pocket and project schedule. Their administration is excellent. All orders are checked and double-checked for pricing, ensuring that you’re getting what you expect. You’ll be surprised how many times supplier receipts fall off the bandwagon on both counts. 

Airflow is a vital consideration often overlooked when it comes to kitchens—finding out too late that odours in the kitchen space will spoil an otherwise spectacular redesign. Not only can it be disheartening, but expensive to rectify after the fact. Astaneh Construction’s detail-by-detail methodology will never let that happen to you. They have an engineering resource that ensures oblique issues like this never occur. And if they do, Hamed guarantees to rectify the problem.

You need to know your kitchen renovation is in responsible hands.

There are no hands with a firmer grip and a surer hold than our teams’. We provide VIP treatment to every client.  There’s no such thing as one shoe fits all when your kitchen remodeling comes into the picture. Our testimonials say it all because no customer leaves unhappy when they engage us. The Astaneh brand is only as strong as its latest review, and we never let those slip.

Bathroom Renovations

The Romans made a big thing of bathrooms, offering an environment where emperors and their generals could relax on marble slabs beside huge steaming water pools and discuss the day’s affairs. Capturing some of that luxurious lifestyle in modern times makes sense as we spend so much time visiting the toilet, bathing, showering, pampering ourselves, and getting ready for bed. Indeed, bathrooms compellingly attract our attention as possible places of refuge, relaxation, a chance to reflect, soaking away the aches and pains of another workday, and so much more. 

Contrary to the Romans, some think, “What’s the big deal in remodeling around a simple tub, shower, a sink or two, with a few cabinets and countertops thrown into the mix?” They should think again!

Let’s take the little old shower as one example. Here are a few considerations that hardly scrape the surface:

  • Walk-in or not
  • With a tub or not
  • Natural materials or not
  • Step down or slope
  • Glass-enclosed or not
    • If so, frosted or see-through
    • Seamless or hinge-visible
  • Single nozzle or multi-nozzle
    • Regular or high-pressure spray
    • Stainless steel or an exotic metal
    • Number of faucets and configuration
  • Seating or standing only
  • How many trays for soaps, shampoo, etc
  • Lighting
    • Soft or bright
    • Concealed or open

On and on, and all that for a few square feet of bathroom space. Did you know that most homeowners in Toronto are reluctant to compromise on style and luxury in their showpiece bathroom? 

Now,  extend your sights beyond the shower to tub shape, cabinet styles, marble or granite countertops, mirrors, hair-showers, toilet options, porcelain colours, and more. Many renovation clients, footage allowing, want “his” and “hers” separate bathrooms; and, budget permitting, perhaps a basement facility with sauna and steam. Then, what about the guest bathroom, a massive opportunity to impress friends with your good taste and latest plumbing technology? Finally, these days, the kids’ bathrooms should tie into the home’s overall theme while retaining practical functionality.

The implications of remodeling bathrooms embrace complicated electrical work, water heating, and micro-designing – deciding on cutting-edge materials that lend themselves to both hygiene and aesthetics. So why is this preamble vital to your renovation project? Because launching into it with a builder that lacks craftsmanship and sub-contracting experience can turn out disastrously. 

The fact is that bathrooms, although taking up (relatively speaking) the tiniest spaces in the home, can create the most significant impact for both looks- and comfort-wise. Moreover, the more inviting your bathrooms are – especially the one off the main bedroom – the more compellingly they insert themselves as relievers of stress and fatigue. So, a bathroom fit for the king or queen of the house requires nothing less than the expertise of a professional whole-house renovator. 

You need a renovation specialist with foresight, vision, and a hands-on approach. In addition, you want a renovator with an inside track to natural and state-of-the-art synthetic materials. Lucky for you, Astaneh Construction checks all the boxes, bringing all the resources you’ll ever need to make your bathroom vision a reality. The company provides the know-how gleaned from scores of homes – traditional and contemporary. They’re famous for various home renovations, kitchen renovations, and stunning bathroom designs.

Hamed Astaneh personally monitors your bathroom project from end to end, leaving no stone unturned in generating a result everyone in the family will fall in love with. It sounds like plain sailing and looks like it when you see Hamed in motion, but it takes meticulous planning, creating a functional bathroom experience that’s also eye candy. So get Hamed and his bathroom renovation team in your corner. 

Basement Renovations 

One thing about Canada is that the cold weather and construction tradition has pushed basement living to the forefront of our lifestyles. Forever banished is the notion of a dingy, dark, uninviting underground space that hardly anyone visits. On the contrary, it creates significantly more space for popular family activities in the home. Moreover, well-planned and executed basement renovation substantially enhances one’s property value.

“So, as a homeowner, how should I visualize a basement renovation?”

A basement renovation can go from simple to elaborate in the blink of an eye. Nothing blows a starting budget out of the window as quickly as a basement reconfiguration. After that, the options and possibilities are endless. Naturally, extra bedrooms fit seamlessly into the formula, taking clients to another level. Then, of course, the moment sleeping accommodation enters the picture, so do bathrooms and living areas for the guests or family making use of it. Finally, for one’s in-laws (say), it may be more permanent, in which case a kitchenette is a must and probably just what the doctor ordered. 

From another angle, basements are ideal for a home gym, entertainment center, or home office. The visualized space can be huge; for example, a bungalow-style home can develop two thousand square feet and still not touch sides. Indeed, an entirely segmented home section begins and ends with the basement.

What are the major basement renovation issues?

As we see above, a basement renovation is chock-full of different options, and we haven’t even gotten down to the finishes yet. Bathrooms in the basement must account for all the same things as any bathroom renovation (e.g., materials, mirrors, countertops, faucets), and the same goes for kitchens. Appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers cost money. Plumbing and electrical work, especially when it comes to lighting, customized air conditioning, and laundries, are crucial considerations. It doesn’t stop there:

  • Perhaps you want a walkout to the pool? 
  • Stay focused on the level of luxury and functionality that makes sense budget-wise. 
  • Also, the task of laying out the basement is an art in itself. 
  • An expert renovator must check the foundations for stability to ensure that once construction begins, it’s all within compliance and city regulations. 
  • Stripping down the old before erecting the new comes front and center of the project, and the inevitable disruption requires top-most attention.

So who’s the renovator for me?

Astaneh Construction is the finest basement renovator in Toronto, bar none. The evidence is clear, based on our experience in single-family homes throughout the GTA. Led by our founder and CEO Hamed Astaneh, whose name is in the brand, we understand the ins and outs of kitchen renovation, and bedroom renovation, including separate passageways, circular stairways, and everything else that converges on a basement reconstruction. 

There are no short-cuts once your basement renovation gets traction. 

Attempting it with anyone other than a fully licensed contractor who guarantees his artistry and latest inserted technologies will never do. There’s almost a zero-tolerance approach to reconstructing the underground area of your home to ensure that cheap doesn’t become expensive in the long run. Astaneh Construction is your first and last stop for a first-class basement renovation experience.