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Home Renovation in Toronto - Giving your home an unfair value advantage



home renovation toronto

Why homeowners are embracing home renovation in Toronto (whole house renovation)

One lesson the pandemic has taught us is that your home is indeed your castle. If you look after it, enhance it, make it an indelible part of your lifestyle with a remodeler that knows his stuff, you get the best of two worlds, namely:

  • Huge capital appreciation.
  • Extra pride and comfort added to your lifestyle.

Living in your home with utmost comfort is one thing. Making one of the best investments available to you today simultaneously is genuinely an attractive proposition. Let Astaneh Construction do the heavy lifting in a clean, methodical way to get your home renovation Toronto style aligned with your dreams on both counts.

Making the best of what you have is the In-thing

While enticing for the reasons above, taking on a home renovation is an entirely different kettle of fish to altering single rooms. Think of it as a completely new home coming up around you in the place you are most familiar with. It’s a far cry from a  kitchen renovation today, then a bathroom renovation in a year or two – slow as you go. No, it’s those rooms plus bedroom renovation, basement renovation, passages, and stairwells in one big project.

You need someone in your corner able to envision the flow and develop consistency between every inch of space in your house. You need the Astaneh Construction expertise there from end-to-end so that you won’t recognize yourself when it’s over. The thousands of dollars house value more than the renovation cost will tell you it’s a reality.

home renovation toronto
home remodeling toronto
Home Renovation Toronto

The full home renovation process in Toronto

You may have bought a house planning to change everything, making it your own before moving in, or you’re living there right now. Either way, you want four things front and center:

Unsurpassed pre-planning

The best quality finishes your money can buy

Minimum inconvenience

The remodel completion as fast as possible

The whole house renovation earns its title because the entire interior space is under focus. It may mean:

  • Demolition of what’s there before construction begins – or going section by section.
  • Once decided, a complete rebuild from the floorboards up, including the plumbing and electricals – or just a partial renovation (often referred to as a facelift).

One thing is for sure; the trusted Astaneh Construction team won’t waste your money. You only pay for what you need when you contract with us. We’ll find the quickest way to the best home renovation outcome in Toronto and the GTA. We’ll lay it out for you with a time-centric roadmap so that you understand exactly how things will proceed.

Once we get going, you can bet that the latest technologies are on your side. We understand everything there is to know about tricky aspects like internal water-proofing and structure-bearing walls. These under-the-radar items can turn into a massive cost if you let untrained renovators loose on your project. There’s no substitute for Professionalism (with a capital P) when it comes to your condo or home renovation Toronto residents demand and deserve. Anything less results in time wastage and dollar investments filling up the red ink on the cost side of the ledger unnecessarily.


All the rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, basement, passageways, and reception areas in your home will emerge with the look and feel that expresses your personality like no other.

HOME RENOVATION TORONTO HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Fully Insured And Licensed, We Undertake All Renovation And Home Improvement Project Challenges.